Glass Manufacturing and Fabrication Techniques

Fabrication on Glass and Mirror

Custom heavy glass table tops. Inlaid tops. Various finished edges and holes. (Bevels, Mitres, etc.) Beveled mirrors. Pattern cutting and precision tolerances. Sand Etching of surface designs and deep intricate artwork.: In house artwork, layout and design. Painted and gold leafed glass. Water jet (Hydro-jet): cutting & processing of a wide verity of materials: glass, mirror, stone, metal.

Watch this glass manufacturing process.
Water Jet

With 56,000 lbs. of pressure a needle thin stream of water can cut almost any material. Watch the video below and you will see the nozzle of the water jet slicing through a 0.5 inch piece of glass cutting out letters.

Sand Etching
This video below will show you glass etching by sandblasting technique. It depicts a procedure of engraving a Crystal Glass Globe with Sandblasting Machine